A story unfolding...

As Pioneers explore, they discover new information about this ancient technology on Mercury.


"It is important that all Pioneers keep their eyes on the prize. Really keep master of every faculty at their disposal. They should not think of their wedding day or if they have left the oven on. Their mind should be as clear as a subway going through a hill. They should not be distracted by a blast even though that may scare a civilian. They should be as tough as a scorpion on a ranch, with the endurance of a turtle. True shock troopers. Heed my words." - Duke Taka-san, leader of the DAO that governs Earth.

Your team of Explorers, the Pioneers, have finally arrived on Mercury. Initial reports are astonishing:

The Landscape is littered with ancient technology

No lifeforms have been found, and it is unclear whether the technology is human or alien.

Ancient Devices

Your team has taken particular interest in a native device that was found by the Advance Recon Team because yields one of the most precious elements on Mercury: $MAGNESIUM.

You have also discovered that each device can be modified to increase it‘s yielding power.

A timer on the devices counts towards a date 3 years in the future. March 24th, 2025. Your research tells you that this date is Mercury‘s first inferior solar conjunction of 2025. There seems like there may be something to do with the device once that date arrives...

Rules and Objectives

You may claim 1 ancient device per Mercury DAO token held in your possession at the time of the snapshot. Once you claim your Ancient Device(s), $MAGNESIUM ($MAG) starts to accumulate in the device. You do not need to stake the device. Pioneers will try to collect as much $MAGNESIUM as possible, knowing the resource is precious.

To survive on Mercury, you need tools from the Outpost. These tools grant access to an exclusive NFT and WL Marketplace, hidden channels with clues to the treasures of Mercury, & more to be discovered...

$MAG, $POW, & $PUNKS are all accepted at the Mercurian Outpost Market.

Who Qualifies?

All holders of the Pixel Vault MetaHero Universe: Mercury DAO Token (at the time of snapshot) will be eligible to claim Ancient Devices and become the Pioneers of the Mercurian Project.

Advance Recon Teams on other Planets have been sending similar reports...


Each Ancient Device yields $MAG without the need to stake.

Level 1 - 1 $MAG / day

Level 2 - 2 $MAG / day

Level 3 - 4 $MAG / day

Level 4 - 8 $MAG / day

Level 5 - 16 $MAG / day

Level up from Level 1 to 2 - 7 $MAG (7 days at Lvl 1)

Level up from Level 2 to 3 - 35 $MAG (18 days at Lvl 2)

Level up from Level 3 to 4 - 350 $MAG (88 days at lvl 3)

Level up from Level 4 to 5 - 3000 $MAG (375 days at lvl 4)

What can I do with $MAG?

Buy tools that grant access to an exclusive NFT and WL Marketplace, hidden channels with clues to the treasures of Mercury, & more to be discovered...